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WazirX CEO Nischal Shetty meets the BJP Rajya Sabha MP to discuss Crypto Regulations

Founder and CEO of WazirX, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in India, Nischal Shetty met today with Rajiv Chandrasekhar, a Rajya Sabha MP and discussed about cryptocurrency regulations in India.

The whole story begins on September 10 with the latest podcast of Untold Stories by Charlie Sharam. Charlie Sharam is a bitcoin pioneer and host of Untold Stories. He has also given a famous crypto quote "Bitcoin Cash with Wings".

In the podcast, Nischal asked Chandrasekhar:

“Can we expect industry participation to make the report more positive, and better for our crypto ecosystem in India?”

Chandrasekhar replied :

“Those of you, who have a view on crypto and believe that there is sufficient room, in the public policy space, for the policies to evolve and be inclusive of innovation, and at the same time, address the security and other concerns. They should just reach out to me,” Later it was reported that Nischal is meeting Chandrasekhar next week to discuss on the cryptocurrency issues and regulations in India. After the meeting today, Nischal tweeted with thanks to Chandrasekhar:

"Thanks for meeting us ! He's given us some great guidance on how to approach positive regulations. He'll be helping us take the right step forward. It's always great to meet leaders who are pro innovation"

Further Nischal shared his discussion and tweeted about his meeting experience. He added:

"The best thing about this meeting was the opportunity to hear progressive thoughts for Indian innovation from Mr. Rajeev. He has great ambitions for making India a pro innovation country. India needs more such leaders"

Nischal also said that Chandrasekhar is willing to help the crypto community and he is very positive about the crypto matter and will meet Chandrasekhar in the coming months for further discussion. He said:

"With Mr. Rajeev willing to help, I'm super positive about the case for Crypto and innovation in India. It is now on all of us to keep innovating and keep spreading the right information about Crypto and Blockchain in India. Let's do this"

Everyone is aware of the crypto situation in India after the banking ban by the Central Bank of India (Reserve Bank of India). As per the latest order of the Supreme Court, the next date of hearing of the cryptocurrency case on the RBI banking ban is September 25, 2019. All the crypto communities hope that the Rajya Sabha MP of BJP will be able to help them.

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Sep 16, 2019

Sirji aap sab log hi bacha sakte ho India me crypto ban hone se

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