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Watch Out for Price of Bitcoin, Gold and Crude Oil

Increasing tension between US and Iran may lead the world to next war

It is tragic but escalating tensions between the US and Iran could trigger a war. And recently the US killed Iran's top general in a Baghdad airstrike and after that Iran has vowed to avenge the US drone attack that killed its most powerful general. Many people think that Iran is getting the support of China and Russia and the whole world looks divided into two parts.

It is likely that escalating tensions between the two countries may lead to the next world war. Iran is one of the major exporting countries of crude oil and we can see that after the attack on Iranian general, the price of crude oil has increased by more than 3%.

When we evaluate past data and conditions, such as the ones we are currently facing, that have a global impact, there is a strong possibility that we will especially see the dollar and euro price fall and the price of gold, precious metals and bitcoin can see an increase.

As most of the trade is currently done globally in USD and when more stress will build up around the world, we may see people exchanging dollars and other fiat in more secure currencies like gold, silver, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In crude oil, we have already seen an increase of over 3%, as crude is one of the most important commodity in the world and the whole world requires crude to run. Due to stress and war risks globally, we may see more price increase. More stress will increase the chances of all three price increasing.

We never support war and want all the building tension around the world to be neutralized soon.


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