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Supreme Court of India has given 4 Weeks time to Release Crypto Regulation by Government

The Supreme Court of India has given four weeks time to the Indian Government to come up with rules and regulations on cryptocurrencies today on 25th February.

If the Indian government will not come up with regulations on cryptocurrencies within four weeks, then the Supreme Court of India will give its own judgement.

Last month on 17 January, The Supreme Court was adjourn the matter for last week of February. Everyone was waiting for 26th Feb. for the hearing as most of the regular matters are taken after Monday for hearing. But today on 25th Feb., The Supreme Court had taken the case for hearing and The Supreme Court has given four weeks time to the Government of India to come up with framework of rules and regulations on cryptocurrencies. If the Government will not come up with the framework on crypto, then The Supreme Court will consider the matter and pass judgement on the case.

Government of India has formed a committee last year on cryptocurrencies, Which is suppose to give report on recommendations and framework for cryptocurrencies.

Now, the concerned Indian authorities has to consider the matter and come up with proper framework on cryptocurrencies in four weeks time.

According to the official website of The Supreme Court of India, next date of hearing is in the last week of March around 29 March 2019.


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