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Power of Bitcoin - $212 Million worth of Bitcoin transferred with just a fee of less then $4

The famous whale, Loaded which are also known for their regular posts on BitcoinTalk as well. They holds 40,000 BTC for years and they move it around time to time. This time they transferred 40000 BTC with the transaction fee of just 0.00074227 BTC, which was $3.97 at the time of transfer, to send $211.9 million worth of BTC.

Last year in January 2018 also Loaded transferred 40,000 BTC ($435 million) for a fee of just 0.0001 BTC ($1.09) when bitcoin price was $11000.

Important point to consider is that if you transfer the same amount with main stream channels like Banks and other facilitators. They might charge many thousand of dollars as transfer fee.


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