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"Lie down, or I'll shoot" - Why You Shouldn't Brag About Crypto

According to the local news reports, A Norwegian multi-millionaire jumped from a second-story balcony in Oslo, when he was threatened with shotgun.

Norway local news broadcaster TV2 reported that prior to the robbery attempt, the victim allegedly bragged about making a fortune through investments in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. An indictment raised by the Oslo Attorney General's office stated that the perpetrator knocked on the door of the victim's apartment with a shotgun. When the victim opened the door, the robber said "Lie down, or I'll shoot",But instead of lying down, the victim decided to jump from his balcony.

The victim used to brag about his fortune through investment in cryptocurrencies and his personal wealth is estimated as around $11.3 Million. 

The latest incident in Norway and many other cases where criminals targeted people who are dealing or hold cryptocurrencies. Such cases are advancing day by day due to the anonymous nature of bitcoin and other digital currencies, making it difficult for police to track transactions.

Our advice to all viewers, never share your personal details such as private keys and other important information related to cryptocurrencies. And most importantly, never share or brag about your assets, whether in bank or cryptocurrency. #Bitcoin #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Norwegian #BitcoinFraud #BitcoinScam


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