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Is 2017 Style Altcoins Rally Started ?

Most of the cryptocurrencies are back in green with Bitcoin pump to $16000 approximately

With the United States’ election results getting clarity, Bitcoin (BTC) showed up the massive rally which led the BTC price nearly $16,000 today, the highest level since January 2018. American and global markets also giving the signal of strength and positivity in the market such as Nasdaq and Dow Jones, which saw gains in recent days.

But when we compare the data of 2016-2017 crypto market rally, we find lot of similarities such as, when bitcoin started pumping to $10,000 then most of the coins dumped. But after bitcoin second rally to $20,000, all of the sudden other coins joined the rally and rest is the history. Cryptocurrencies like XRP went up from $0.5 to $3, Ether went up from $100 to $1,400 and low cap coins like XVG went up from 56 satoshi to 2000 satoshi and may other coins made many people millionaires overnight.

It will be too early to say and believe that altcoins rally also started like we have witnessed in 2017 but with the similarity we are comparing and noticed, we can not ignore the fact that it is possible the way bitcoin moved in the past one week. Disclaimer & Suggestion : Please always do your due diligence before investing in any cryptocurrency or project. This should not be treated as financial advice. #Bitcoin #Crypto #Altcoins


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