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Indonesian Governor Takes a Bold Step: Backing Bitcoin Adoption with Dedicated Exchange

Indonesian Governor Ridwan Kamil supports Bitcoin adoption and plans to launch a Bitcoin-only exchange, aiming to make Indonesia a leading nation in Bitcoin adoption. With over 12 million crypto investors, 70% of whom prefer Bitcoin, Indonesia's growing interest in cryptocurrency is driven by the potential to provide financial services to the unbanked population and leverage its vast renewable energy resources for Bitcoin mining. The governor's vision aligns with the opportunity to transform the economy and uplift the lives of Indonesians through Bitcoin adoption.

In a recent fireside chat titled "The Indonesia Bitcoin Mining Campaign," Governor Ridwan Kamil of West Java expressed his support for Bitcoin and discussed the plans to launch a Bitcoin-only exchange in the region. This move aligns with Indonesia's efforts to embrace digital assets and reflects a growing trend among the younger generation towards Bitcoin accumulation as a reserve currency. With a goal to become a leading nation in Bitcoin adoption, Governor Kamil envisions a future where Bitcoin transforms the Indonesian economy and improves the lives of its citizens.

Bitcoin's Rising Adoption and Potential Benefits

Governor Kamil highlighted the significant progress Indonesia has made in accepting cryptocurrencies, revealing that the country already boasts over 12 million crypto investors, with 70% of them choosing Bitcoin over other digital assets. Furthermore, this number continues to grow by half a million investors each year. The governor emphasized that Bitcoin could play a vital role in providing modern financial services to the 40% unbanked population in Indonesia. By leveraging Bitcoin and blockchain technologies, underserved communities may finally gain access to the banking system.

Governor Kamil's Vision for Indonesia's Bitcoin Future

Governor Kamil's fireside chat also featured Samson Mow, the CEO of JAN3 and a prominent global advocate for Bitcoin. The discussion shed light on the Indonesian government's ongoing research into how Bitcoin adoption can benefit the country's people. Governor Kamil highlighted Indonesia's vast renewable energy resources, including the second-largest geothermal potential in the world and more than 800 rivers with hydropower. Bitcoin's ability to transform energy into a monetary value could be transformative for Indonesia.

The governor emphasized that Indonesia is already on a steady path towards Bitcoin adoption, given the growing number of investors and their preference for Bitcoin. He expressed his belief that Bitcoin can address the challenges faced by unbanked individuals in the country, offering them access to financial technology and services previously unavailable to them.

Opportunities for Indonesia and Bitcoin

During the conversation, the speakers discussed the recent introduction of an Omnibus bill in Indonesia, allowing 100% foreign investment into renewable energy projects above 1 MW. This legislation could attract increased investment and attention to the region. Governor Kamil invited investors to leverage Indonesia's abundant renewable energy reserves to support the Bitcoin mining business.

Samson Mow emphasized that the first countries to adopt Bitcoin meaningfully will have a significant advantage. Governor Kamil expressed interest in El Salvador's bitcoin bonds and their potential to finance new energy infrastructure. Mow suggested that Indonesia could also explore the concept of a "volcano bond" to tap into its geothermal resources.


Governor Ridwan Kamil's support for Bitcoin and plans to launch a Bitcoin-only exchange in West Java demonstrate Indonesia's commitment to embracing digital assets. With a large portion of the population unbanked and abundant renewable energy resources, Indonesia appears primed for mass Bitcoin adoption. Governor Kamil envisions a future where Bitcoin acts as a game-changer, opening up economic possibilities and improving the lives of the impoverished and the younger generation. As Indonesia strives to become a "Bitcoin heaven," it will be interesting to see how this ambitious vision unfolds and impacts the country's economic landscape.


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