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Indian Crypto Exchange Bitbns Launches its Crypto

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in India, Bitbns introduced BNS Token on 7 September.

The BNS token is a multi-protocol utility token. As announced by Bitbns on its website, it will be used for bill payment, shopping, banking, and even international remittances.

Bitbns stated:

"BNS is a proposed multi-protocol utility token by Bitbns, which aims at enabling general masses to use cryptocurrency just like they use FIAT currency in day-to-day transactions. Beyond founding the basic utility of a cryptocurrency as money, BNS would also be capable of being used in complex operations like Banking, Loan Disbursals, Cryptocurrency Investments, and more."

Why BNS ?

According to Bitbns, if you use a BNS token, your transactions will always be instant. You will be able to make offline payments with the help of Bitbns PAY debit card. You will be able to avail discounts with minimal transaction changes.

BEI24 discusses BNS token with Bitbns founder and CEO Gaurav Dahke. On the BNS token, he said:

"Come join us if you want to shape the commerce and payment ecosystem globally "

Bitbns plans to launch its BNS token via IEO within the next 3 months. And after the IEO, the BNS token will be available for trading on Bitbns and other exchanges.

For the past one year, Bitbns has tried many innovative ideas such as Bitbns Pay Debit Card cum Wallet, Peer to Peer Platform etc. Recently they formed a strategic partnership with international crypto exchange Okex and also started trading in the UAE and they have plans to expand Bitbns to 30 countries. #Bitbns #BNS #Bitcoin #IndianCryptoExchange #Crypto #IndianCrypto #BNSToken


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