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Google's ‘Quantum Supremacy’ terrifies Bitcoin and Future of Cryptocurrency

The search engine giant 'Google' sent shockwaves updating about ‘Quantum Supremacy’ on the Internet, which indirectly terrifies Bitcoin and Future of Cryptocurrency. Google claimed to solve formerly impossible mathematical calculations just similar to BTC works.

We all know about the 'Google' - The giant of search engine and its unexpected updates related to latest technology trends and its products. This time, new update is regarding Bitcoin and its technology, which helps to solve formerly impossible mathematical calculations. The search engine giant claimed that 'They built a quantum computer to solve formerly impossible mathematical calculations just similar like Bitcoin and it's Blockchain technology working mechanism.' It might have some fear for bitcoin and future of cryptocurrency at moderate/high risk level.

What is this Google's new update of ‘Quantum Supremacy’ all about?

Gone are the days, when we talk about Windows XP and 1st/2nd/3rd/4th Gen computers. A new era has begun for the Super computers. In this sequence, Google developed it's so-called “quantum supremacy,” it can solve calculations impossible with traditional computers, according to a report published by the Financial Times, a business newspaper.

More talking in detail, Google’s quantum supremacy is able to perform the calculations in 200 seconds, what would take a powerful computer 10,000 years. Simply meaning and targeting the potential of Bitcoin, and the encryption that underpins it, could be broken.

Brief explanation to Quantum system

Qubits, or quantum bits, are the basic unit of quantum information. They use the properties of a quantum system, such as the polarization of a photon or the spin of an electron. On the other side, traditional computers store and process data as a series of ’1′s and ’0′s.

How Bitcoin and various Cryptocurrencies can get affected with it?

Talking about Bitcoin, cryptography, and encryption-decryption, they all provide internet and digital communication trust to the users. By solving the complex mathematical problems and the fundamentals, the technology has found new heights after the internet revolution.

According to a report

"A powerful enough computer, similar to Google’s quantum computer, could solve these classical equations quickly enough to crack not only bitcoin but also the encryption that the internet is built on."

Explosion in the prices of Bitcoin and top altcoins over recent years, made the Bitcoin as the first choice to the investors for securing and increasing their wealth. It's surely be crypto based but life gonna be easier after using this supreme technology. Latest example is about our crypto news portal founder and crypto evangelist 'Pankaj Tanwar', who recently visited Crypto Beach, Thailand and Bitcoin's being accepted there.

After using these powerful quantum computers, the big-medium-small investor’s bitcoin-crypto based wealth could be under threat for sure.

What researchers and quantum resistant said about this Google's impossible tech?

If you’re looking for 'What will happen after Google’s 'Quantum Supremacy'?’ Then, don't worry at all! Bitcoin is surviving very well since the starting and your investments are safe enough with BTC. There are many steps, which can be taken to prevent the likes of Google or any other quantum computer. So, they can’t be breaking into Bitcoin and digital communication.

Cryptocurrencies can be updated with quantum resistant tech,” said Charles Hayter, chief executive of bitcoin and cryptocurrency data website, CryptoCompare.

This is just a continuation of the age old arms race between crackers and enciphers. Google’s supercomputer currently has 53 qubits,” said Dragos Ilie, quantum computing and encryption researcher at Imperial College London.

“In order to have any effect on bitcoin or most or most other financial systems it would take at least about 1500 qubits and the system must allow for the entanglement of all of them,” Ilie said.

What's next after this?

After the removal of the original post from the Nasa's website, the news confirmation is not to be true enough. Google has not reached that level yet, which we all are thinking. In reality, it's a huge challenge for Google to scaling quantum computers.

“As you add more qubits the system becomes more and more unstable … [though] researchers can try different approaches for solving these issues so maybe there are ways to mitigate these problems but right now we are quite far from breaking bitcoin.” In short, “don’t dump your bitcoins yet,” Ilie added.

At last, we would suggest that Just believe on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency along Blockchain technology. It's surely something new, power of which you've not seen yet!


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