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Ether Accumulation in Big Wallets Hits 13 Months High

Over 10,000 Ether holding wallets hits 13 month high while exchange balances hits 15 months low

With the start of year 2021 , World's second largest cryptocurrency has given around 100% returns to its holders. On one side there is a lot of important news and development going on with ether and on other side it is also getting attention from big whales and institutions. According to the data shared by Glassnode, The number of wallets holding 10,000 ETH hits a 13-month high and 32 new whale addresses were created.

While Ether balance on crypto exchanges just reached a 15-month low of 15,423,305.652 ETH

Ethers are moving out of the exchanges at a fast rate to be either into cold storage, DeFi, or ETH 2.0 deposit contract for staking. According to the recent data, DeFi currently holds 7 million ETH while ETH 2.0 deposit contract holds over 2.8 Millions ETH.


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