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CME Group to Launch Ether/Bitcoin Ratio Futures on July 31

New futures contracts offer trading opportunities and portfolio diversification in the cryptocurrency market

CME Group, a prominent financial exchange operator, has recently announced its upcoming introduction of Ether/Bitcoin Ratio futures, marking a significant development in the cryptocurrency market. Subject to regulatory review, the futures contracts are slated for launch on July 31.

In their official announcement on June 29, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group unveiled its plans to introduce futures contracts based on the ratio between Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). The settlement of these futures contracts will be in cash and will rely on the final settlement prices of CME Group's Ether futures divided by the final settlement prices of CME Group's Bitcoin futures. The new contract will adhere to the identical listing cycle observed in CME Group's current Bitcoin and Ether futures contracts.

Giovanni Vicioso, the global head of cryptocurrency products at CME Group, highlighted the potential for relative value trading opportunities between Ether and Bitcoin. While these two digital assets have historically shown a high correlation, their market dynamics may now differ, presenting opportunities to capitalize on their performance differences. Vicioso stated that the Ether/Bitcoin Ratio futures will allow investors to gain exposure to both assets in a single trade, eliminating the need to take a directional view. This new contract aims to facilitate a wide range of trading strategies and provide an efficient and cost-effective way for clients to hedge their positions.

CME Group initially entered the cryptocurrency market in December 2017 with the introduction of the first Bitcoin futures contract. They followed this up in February 2021 with the launch of an Ether futures contract. Recognizing the growing demand for cryptocurrency investment opportunities, CME Group expanded its offerings in 2022 by introducing micro Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) futures contracts. These additions provided traders with more options to engage with these digital assets.

CME Group revealed its intentions to expand its cryptocurrency options in April 2023 by introducing additional options for standard and micro-sized Bitcoin and Ether contracts. These new contracts, which were expected to be available from May 22 pending regulatory review, included daily expiries from Monday to Friday. The introduction of daily expiries aimed to help traders better manage short-term price risks associated with Bitcoin and Ether, offering increased precision and flexibility amid the heightened volatility of the digital asset sector.

The forthcoming introduction of Ether/Bitcoin Ratio futures by CME Group marks another significant step in the integration of cryptocurrencies into traditional financial markets. With this new product, investors will have more avenues to participate in the growing crypto ecosystem and explore various trading strategies. As regulatory approval is awaited, the launch of these futures contracts on July 31 promises to bring further opportunities and liquidity to the crypto market, while offering participants a means to manage risk effectively.


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