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Now Burger King Accepts Bitcoin in Germany

One of the world-renowned fast food chains, Burger King now accepts bitcoin as a payment on its website for delivery and mobile apps in Germany.

Burger King recently began accepting bitcoin payments for delivery on its German website and for its mobile application. The bitcoin option has recently appeared with other payment options such as PayPal, card payment etc.

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Burger King has more than 700 restaurants in Germany but it is not yet clear whether they are accepting bitcoins at their physical Burger King restaurants.

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In 2017, bitcoin was first accepted by Burger King in the Netherlands. Burger King has over 13,000 restaurants in 98 countries around the world, serving more than 11 million customers per year, starting to accept cryptocurrency, indicating that it is on its way to becoming mainstream. #Bitcoin #BitcoinNews #BurgerKing #Crypto #BitcoinPayment


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