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Bitcoin Vs World's Top Currencies, BTC is about to beat Indian Rupee, Far ahead from Pound & Ruble

How much worth currencies have all over the the world ? How much is the total circulation ?

According to the recent article and data shared by howmuch, the top ten most valuable currencies around the world are: 1. Gold: $8.7 trillion 2. U.S. Dollar: $1.7 trillion 3. Eurozone Euro: $1.3 trillion 4. Silver: $1.1 trillion 5. China Renminbi: $1 trillion 6. Japan Yen: $953 Billion 7. Indian Rupee: $291 Billion 8. Bitcoin: $213 Billion 9. Russian Ruble: $150 Billion 10. British Pound:  $101 Billion

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To get the above estimation , Howmuch had taken data from the FED and each country’s central bank. According to the website, with the help of this data, you can get an idea of how much money is circulating in the world and which instruments contribute the most to the money supply. How much money is in the world ?

The answer to this question is bit difficult, because it depends on various factors and all the countries data, cash in hand, money in banks, gold reserves by countries, gold and other metals individual and family holdings etc.

But when we look at the larger picture, the world’s money supply is mostly dependent on gold and the U.S. dollar. And the Bitcoin, is now under world's top 10 currencies. It has become one of the largest contributors to the world’s money supply.

The total market capitalization of Bitcoin is around $213 Billion, Which is far ahead from many world's top countries currency like Russian Ruble, British Starling Pound, Swiss CHF etc. In the past one decade, Indian Rupee grown up by miles and according to the recent data of 2019, Indian economy is the world's 5th largest economy. The total Indian currency in circulation is $291 Billion. The way bitcoin is growing and making its presence in the world, We might see bitcoin beating world's other top currencies soon. Gold is one of the oldest and trustworthy currency from centuries and it is still dominating the world with the estimated circulation of $8.7 trillion, which is far ahead from the world's 2nd most valuable currency dollar.

Disclaimer & Suggestion : Please always do your due diligence before investing in any cryptocurrency or project. This should not be treated as financial advice. #Crypto #Bitcoin #CryptoData #BitcoinData #CryptoUpdate #BitcoinFacts #Money #Gold #WorldTopCurrencies #BEI #BEI24


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