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$62 Million Bitcoin Scam Mastermind was Killed By his own Team Members

Bitcoin scam that led to the murder of the alleged mastermind, Abdul Shakoor in Dehradun.

Indian police on Friday 30 Aug. 2019, uncovered $62 Million (Rs.450-crore) Bitcoin scam that led to the murder of the alleged mastermind, Abdul Shakoor in Dehradun. According to the report published by local news agency Times of India. Police arrested five accused on charges of killing Abdul Shakoor and is looking for five more accused. All the accused belongs to Kerala. According to the Dehradun SSP Arun Mohan Joshi,

"Cryptocurrency worth of hundreds of crores led to the murder of Abdul Shakoor. The accused, who are all member of Shakoor's business team, tortured him brutally at a house in Prem Nagar ( On the outskirts of Dehradun ) that led to his death. "

According to the Police, Shakoor had raised millions of dollars for investing in cryptocurrency from diffrent cities of Kerala with the help of his core team members and their sub-teams. Shakoor and his team members were absconding after the loss in bitcoin business. During interrogation, the accused told the police that Shakoor also cheated his close associate by saying that his bitcoin wallet was hacked. One of the close associates, Aashiq had the belief that Shakoor has thousands of dollars in a bitcoin wallet and he can access that money by obtaining a bitcoin wallet password. According to the SSP,

" All the others members started pressuring Shakoor to share the password of his account, which apparently he was not willing to do so. They subsequently started torturing him, which led to his death. There are injury marks all over his body." 

We suggest everyone, do not disclose your assets whether it is in banks or in the form of cryptocurrency because we cannot see the malicious intent of a person. #Bitcoin #Crypto #BitcoinScam #CryptoNews


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