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Bitcoin rally rejected again at $13500, whats is next ?

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Once again Bitcoin rejected at $13500 on the major resistance at the golden ration of fibonacci Retracement 0.618 which is one of the major resistance for bitcoin and this is second time it is rejected from this level. For the next #bitcoin rally , bitcoin need to break above $13500.

You may see that also in the chart published by us on 3rd July 2019 on Trading view.

RSI in daily chart showing under control but still on the weekly chart is is above 70 which is a major concern again, this is also consider one of the good indicator and need to be in control in coming days.

If you may notice it is again trying to respect 21 MV and trying to bounce back from here, from last one year it respected 21 MV and most of the time bounced back from this level, Now you need to notice, it should respect this green line, if it closes below 21 MV then again it will be a point of concern and bitcoin again may again test bitcoin support at $9400. Resistance - $11500 $13500 Support - $9400 $7100

Disclaimer & Suggestion : This analysis is only for education purpose. Please always do your due diligence before investing in any cryptocurrency or project. This should not be treated as financial advice.


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