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Bitcoin made History - Hits $60,000 for the First Time Ever

A new normal for Bitcoin to hit all time high

On 13 March 2021, World's largest cryptocurrency made history by making a new all time high of $60,000. Now experts are eyeing on the new milestone of $75,000 in coming months.

Last year on 12 March 2020, Crypto market faced a major crash due to the covid 19 pandemic and uncertainty of the future. Bitcoin came down more than 38% in a single day. Things changed in the crypto world and now bitcoin has grown to $60000 from $4500 last year with around 15 times returns and same experiences people are sharing on social media platforms.

In 2021, Bitcoin has given more than 100% return. Many factors contributing in this rally but few major factors playing the key role like $1.9 Trillion US Stimulus package, short supply on crypto exchanges, increasing institutions interest and accumulation by many big companies like MicroStrategy etc. #Bitcoin #BTC


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