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Bitcoin made History - Hits $49,400 for the First Time Ever

A new normal for Bitcoin to hit all time high, Heading towards the milestone of $50,000

On the day of love, 14 February 2021, World's largest cryptocurrency made history by making a new all time high of $49,400 on many stable coins pairs like USDT, BUSD etc. on all the major exchanges. Many experts are saying that we might see the milestone of $50,000 soon.

One of the major factors which might be pushing bitcoin price higher is Morgan Stanley’s $150 billion Counterpoint Global investment unit known for its prowess for growth stocks is considering placing a bet on bitcoin, according to the latest report shared by Bloomberg.

In 2021, Bitcoin has given more than 70% return. Many factors contributing in this rally but few major factors playing the key role like short supply on crypto exchanges, increasing institutions interest and accumulation by many big companies like Tesla, MicroStrategy etc. #Bitcoin #BTC


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