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Bitcoin in Exchange of your ATM Card Information - If you go to ATM, You may get Robbed.

If you are using an ATM card, then check the ATM machine before the scam occurs, otherwise it will be too late.

Many cases are happening in different cities of India about ATM card scam but recent cases have happened at the Hauz Khas ATM in New Delhi. Local News agency News24 recently reported the news on its channel and youtube as well.

In many cases scammers take information from the skimmer device attached to ATM machine and then they share your details with international hackers. Then those hackers decrypt the encrypted information and share the scammers back for just $1 to $3 ( Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 ) per person. Hackers get paid in bitcoins for the information.

Important things to keep in mind before going to any ATM :

1) Before inserting your ATM card - check for any chip or any other device like skimmer devices other than the ATM machine to see if it is attached.

Image Source - Lakhwinder Olakh

2) Never transact in front of unknown person and tell your ATM PIN to the unknown person present in the ATM. There are teams of 3-4 people who try to help you at ATM and then take all your information and withdraw money from your account.

Video Source & Credit - News24

So always keep a check on all points before going to ATM next time. Be safe and alert.


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