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Bitcoin ATM installation grown by 750% since 2016

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ATM installation has show a massive growth in past few years

In today's world, almost everyone is aware about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. We all have seen a massive rally of bitcoin after bitcoin halving in 2016. Within two years after it, it touched almost $20000.

As bitcoin adoption and popularity is increasing, bitcoin and cryptocurrency demand is also gradually increasing day by day. To fulfil the demand of bitcoin many companies and exchanges took initiative and installed bitcoin and cryptocurrency ATMs worldwide.

The first Bitcoin ATM is installed in Vancouver, Canada and the machine allowed users to exchange their digital currency for cash and vice-versa in November 2013.

As per the data available on Coinatmradar, The total numbers of Bitcoin ATMs are 4350 and available in 79 countries. Which includes top countries like USA, Canada, UK, almost every country of Europe and other major countries .

Top three countries, which has the highest numbers of ATMs are:

  • USA ( 2618 ATM's)

  • Canada ( 700 ATM's )

  • Austria ( 272 ATM's )

All the ATM's, support Bitcoin and over 3000 ATM supports other major cryptocurrencies like ethereum, litecoin, zcash etc. Over 61% people use bitcoin ATM to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and top 10 crypto ATM operators run almost 34 % of ATM's worldwide.

When we see the records of bitcoin cryptocurrencies ATMs growth in past few years, the growth of bitcoin machines installed since 2016 is over 750% till today.

The growth of cryptocurrencies ATMs installed till date, itself shows a lot of interest and acceptance worldwide about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The way this industry is growing, we will see many more ATMs in coming future which seems good for this industry.

Disclaimer & Suggestion : Please always to your due diligence before investing in any cryptocurrency or project.


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