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Best 5 Cities to Spend Bitcoin in the World

Do you know Bitcoin is trying to go mainstream. We can understand that you can not spend cryptocurrency in any shop like McDonalds, Starbucks etc. just like that but there are locations and cities around the world where you can use cryptocurrency upto certain extent for living. Let's find out these digital currency hotspots to travel.

Vancouver, Canada In the early days of bitcoin investment and adoption, Vancouver made its mark in the history by becoming the first city in the world to install bitcoin ATMs. These days, there are close to 85 Crypto ATMs with around 100 merchants outlets accepting cryptocurrency for payment. You can spend your bitcoins on almost every food items like Pierogi, coffee and even marijuana seeds.

New York, USA

There are over 100 outlets in New York that accept bitcoins on Brooklyn Flea, Fdcincshop etc. Come for the delicious French Southern menu, stay for the passionate chef who loves crypto almost as much as he loves to cook. You can even spend cryptocurrency in fitness centers, Gym, nightclubs etc.

San Francisco, USA San Francisco is the largest of any list of crypto-friendly cities. Not only are there 98 bitcoin ATMs around the city, but there are also more than 150 outlets accepting bitcoins, many of which are food outlets. Curry Up (specialising in Indian street food), Ocean Beach Deli, and Underground Ramon among many others. San Francisco is so friendly to crypto that there are many cryptocurrencies and blockchain businesses in the neighbourhood.

Zurich, Switzerland Switzerland as a country adopting bitcoin ecosystem in a very special manner, with the small town of Zug allowing residents to pay their taxes in bitcoins. But Zurich stands out because, as one of the most important financial cities in the world, it is important to have Zurich on your side. And with a relatively small population, the city has 28 Bitcoin ATMs and around 100 shops and merchants accepting bitcoins for payment.

Amsterdam, Netherlands Quality in Amsterdam is slightly improved, so it should be no surprise that the city welcomes digital currencies to more than 100 businesses outlets and around 14 bitcoin ATMs in service. You can visit the Bitcoin Embassy in Amsterdam and The House of Nakamoto Amsterdam dedicated to promoting bitcoin around the world, or go to the Bitcoin Boulevard - the road where almost all traders and merchants accept bitcoin.


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