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Atomic Wallet Hacked: Users Report Loss of Entire Portfolios; Update Reveals Ongoing Investigation

In recent developments, numerous users on Twitter have come forward with claims of substantial losses of their cryptocurrency assets stored in the Atomic Wallet application. Atomic Wallet, known for its noncustodial-decentralized nature, places the responsibility of asset security on its users. While investigations are underway, reports suggest that the wallets have been compromised, resulting in significant financial setbacks for affected individuals.

Exploitation and Loss of Funds

On June 3, Atomic Wallet's team acknowledged the reports of compromised wallets on Twitter and assured users that they were actively investigating and analyzing the situation. However, the exact nature of the attack and its execution remain unknown at this time. In the absence of concrete information, users have expressed their concerns about the disappearance of their digital assets from the Atomic Wallet app.

The investigation into the exploit has gained additional expertise from on-chain sleuth ZachBTX, a well-known figure for tracking stolen funds and assisting in the recovery of hacked projects. Together, they are striving to shed light on the incident and identify the responsible party.

History of Exploitations and User Experiences

Some Twitter users have revealed that this is not the first instance of funds disappearing from the Atomic Wallet app. One user shared their past experience of losing BTC six months ago and expressed dissatisfaction with Atomic's response, claiming that the loss occurred despite following recommended security measures. This highlights a recurring issue that users have encountered, leading to a loss of trust in the platform.

Escalating Crypto Hacks

The exploit of the Atomic Wallet app joins a growing list of crypto hacks that have been occurring with alarming frequency. Just recently, on May 28, the Jimbos Protocol, a decentralized finance (DeFi) application, suffered an exploit resulting in a loss of 4,000 Ether valued at approximately $7.5 million. Another recent incident involved Tornado Cash, a decentralized crypto mixer, where an attacker gained control over the protocol's governance by granting 1.2 million votes to a malicious proposal.

The increasing number of crypto hacks has raised concerns within the cryptocurrency community. A report by Chainalysis indicates that hackers stole an estimated $3.8 billion in cryptocurrency last year, with North Korea-linked attackers and DeFi protocols being the primary targets. However, a recent analysis by TRM Labs suggests that although the number of hacking incidents remained stable in the first quarter of 2023, the average hack size decreased from approximately $30 million in Q1 2022 to $10.5 million. Nevertheless, TRM Labs warns that the current decline may only be temporary, and a few large-scale attacks could once again disrupt the trend.

Latest Update and Recovery Efforts

In a positive turn of events, ZachXBT, through the Twitter handle of Jito Labs CEO Buffalu, has announced the successful recovery of $1 million from the Atomic Wallet hacker for one of the victims. This development brings hope to affected users who have suffered significant financial losses due to the exploit. It also serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to combat such attacks and restore funds to those affected.


The reported losses of entire portfolios by Atomic Wallet users have unveiled the vulnerability of cryptocurrency storage systems and the growing risk of hacking incidents. The exploit of the Atomic Wallet app serves as a stark reminder of the importance of robust security measures and heightened vigilance within the cryptocurrency community. As investigations continue, users await further updates from Atomic Wallet's team regarding the incident and the steps taken to enhance the platform's security to prevent future breaches.


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