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We are not murderers, 10 years Jail for Crypto - Crypto Point Hindi Sandeep Expressed

10 years imprisonment if you hold and trade any kind of cryptocurrency in India after the approval of Crypto regulation bill.

We have taken an initiative and approached India's top crypto leaders and influencers. We will be sharing their opinion and views in this article and other following articles in the text and video as well.

We approached almost all top cryptocurrency leaders and influencers. CryptoPointHindi ( Sandeep ), Who is India's one of the leading crypto Influencer. He is activity working on youtube, twitter and other social media platform for crypto and blockchain.

According to him,

Life imprisonment where death has been commuted to life sentence has to be served for the entire life of the convicted but subject to remission; a minimum of 14 years must be spent in imprisonment.

According to his opinion, It will encourage the black market also and you are showing to the world , if you are not able to regulate anything then you will ban it.

If you want to learn, then learn from others countries, if you regulate it then how much revenue you can generate through taxes on cryptocurrency. And that money can also help India for development.

And 10 years jail is just a news, it is not a law and he wish our government will think on it and regulate the cryptocurrency in India.

We are also sharing his opinion and views in video, which is in Hindi language :

This disclaimer informs readers and viewers the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text and video belong solely to the author and expresser, and not necessarily to the author’s employer, organisation, committee or other group or individual.


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