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32 People Arrested in Fake Call Center by Indian police Demanding payment in Bitcoins and Cards

A fake call center was exposed by Delhi Police and 32 people were arrested for duping foreign nationals

On Sunday, a fake call center was exposed by the police in the national capital Delhi and 32 people were arrested for cheating foreign nationals by posing as Canadian police officials according to local news agency IndiaTv.

According to the senior police officer :

"The call centre was operational during night hours. The accused begun with a robocall claiming to be from Service Canada agency and informed the recipients that there were several allegations found linked with their SIN Numbers."

They targeted Canadian citizens via voice over internet protocol (VOIP) calls and then threatened the victims with police investigations and arrests if they failed to call back. When the victims called back they were given a one-time opportunity to pay and settle the case. The victims were asked to give money through bitcoins, ATMs or gift cards etc.

One mobile was also recovered by the police which had Bitcoin Blockchain Wallet App, which was used to receive the payment in bitcoins from the victims, the officer said.

Image Source - ANI

35 mobile phones, computers and several illegal software programs were seized from Moti Nagar in West Delhi where this fraud call center scam was on. A Canadian citizen named Elvis Henry was allegedly cheated for $ 13,500 through a SIN scam.


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