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The First Blockchain Birth Certificates are Recorded in Brazil

The first birth certificates were registered using the blockchain technology in Brazil on 1 September 2019.

According to the report published by Cointelegraph Brasil, delvaro de Medeiros Mendonça is one of the first children in the country to have his birth certificate registered on the blockchain without the need for a registry office. IBM set the path for the country's first blockchain-driven birth certificate, persuading parents of their child to participate in a serious effort. Forbes published one report on 25 July 2018 last year. The world's first blockchain child-birth certificate was recorded in Tanzania. The world saw it for the first time in an Irish medical aid project.

In December 2018, according to the report published by the Indian news agency TOI, the first birth certificate in India was also registered on the blockchain in the state of Bengal. Divit Biyani was the first child in the state to register a birth certificate and acquire it through blockchain. The certificate was issued by the New Town Kolkata Development Authority.


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